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Child Recliner Chairs - Where is the One I Want?

Posted on May 26, 2022 by Sergio Medoff

If you have already been shopping for a kid recliner chair you then know that the options are few. Recliner chairs for adults can be found in a huge selection of styles, colors and fabrics. So, exactly why is it that I could only get yourself a recliner for my kid in a small number of styles and colors?

The child furniture industry has only really began to expand within the last couple of years. Until then, woodworkers who create rocking chairs or picnic tables because of their children or grand children were among the only sources for kid furniture. A few of these same woodworkers started making reclining chairs. Usually they might develop a wooden template for the chair and would produce that one style. As these chairs caught on they might expand by covering their chair with different fabrics, but rarely did each goes to the difficulty of creating a totally new template for another design of recliner.

The Internet has managed to get easier for small child recliner producers to get customers. As demand for these chairs grew, a few of these smaller shops sold their patterns to larger manufacturers. Others expanded their production and also have become bigger producers of kid furniture. Most are still making just a few varieties of kid recliner chairs.

Internet purchasers need affordable delivery of the recliner chairs. This too limits style choices, as manufacturers have to be sure that there chairs will easily fit into boxes and also have weights that allow affordable shipping.

Larger retailers have recently began to demand and buy more variety in the kid recliner lines. Fabric choices have more than doubled and selecting colors available is superb. Style choices still lag, as manufacturers battle to help keep costs low, however.