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Handheld Metal Detectors -- Possible Health Threats?

Posted on March 7, 2024 by Sergio Medoff

Metal detectors are generally found in airports, courthouses, correctional facilities, and elsewhere nowadays. In fact, hardly any Americans have already been spared a walk via an ominous metal detector. And several Americans have already been asked to spread their wings as security personnel swung a handheld metal detector over their body.

Because so many Americans touch metal detectors, some on a regular basis, it is very important realize health threats that are connected with them.

One specific group could be at risk due to the high usage of so many metal detectors. They are people who have personal medical gadgets (PMEDs), like implantable cardiac defibrillators, cardiac pacemakers, spinal-cord stimulators, ventilators, and drug infusion pumps.

This will not necessarily mean a person with a cardiac pacemaker reaches any serious risk when he walks by way of a metal detector or includes a handheld metal detector swooshed over his body. More tests have to be made before this type of bold statement could be fully accepted as truth. Rather, it is very important be familiar with the potential risk due to the magnetic fields which are used. Remember that higher voltages will cause damage than lower induced voltages.

Addititionally there is the concern that the contact with magnetic fields could cause biological changes in living cells.

Also, it could be dangerous to possess physical connection with high voltages. An adequately enclosed metal detector will not pose a threat, nonetheless it is important to help keep all metal detectors maintained properly.

Generally, though, metal detectors encourage safety. By keeping guns and knives along with other potential weapons out of places like airports, courts, and correctional facilities, many risky situations have already been eliminated. In correctional facilities, handheld metal detectors may also detect small bits of metal, like paper clips, that may be used not only as weaponry, but to choose locks, etc.

Another interesting usage of a metal detector would be to detect a swallowed metal object. They are found in instances before when a child has swallowed metal object such as a pull tab from the soda can or perhaps a coin.

Overall, metal detectors certainly are a benefit to society. Tests do have to be conducted, though, to reduce the chance to persons with PMEDs -- whether metal detectors have to be improved or PMEDs (or both or neither!), that is clearly a question left to the near future.